Duke Prop

The Penny Duke Prop is a self-contained hydraulic mining prop, designed for safe, consistent and reliable operation in arduous conditions.
Duke Prop Steel Roof Support
  • Self-contained design provides flexibility for widespread application, without the need for external power sources
  • Can be carried by one person and positioned and set in place quickly using basic tools
  • Provides full-caving, long-wall support and resistance to convergence
  • Duke Prop is available in support capacities of 15, 20 and 25 tonnes
  • Hydraulic extension enables 20t and 25t models to operate between 1.0m and 2.4m
  • 15t props are available for heights up to 3.2m
  • Proven, reliable design, trouble free in operation
  • Overload protection through the extension
  • Separate valves for setting, release, and yield
  • Guard tube protects cylinder
  • Rapid, safe, extension and setting
  • Easy, safe release and with-drawl (Do not remove under load)
  • Remote release by hook and chain
  • Fine control by two stage release valve
  • Consistent setting and yield characteristics
  • Self-contained unit with closed circuit hydraulics
Penny Duke Prop Options

Each prop can be supplied with a range of extensions, friction tops, channel tops, prong tops and other spares to enable deployment in any mining and roof support application.

  • Prop key
  • Removal of guard
  • Grab handles
  • Extended heads up to 900mm
  • Extended bases up to 300mm
  • 20 or 25 tonne yield
  • Wide base for soft floor applications

Top Type

Channel Top Prong Top Friction Top