Strata Safe Rooms

The Strata Safe Room is a pre-constructed refuge room, designed to provide protection and breathable air to miners trapped underground in emergency situations.
Strata Safe Room
Strata Safe Room air cooling and auxiliary batteries
Strata Safe Room Modular Kit
Safe Room Construction

Built to any size, Safe Rooms are either excavated out of the side wall of the entry, in a cross-cut or are constructed in an entry using multiple stoppings. For construction in coal mines and to meet federal regulations, Strata offers a 15 PSI Block Stopping, along with a thin spray-on impermeable liner to coat the walls of the room.

Strata Safe Rooms come equipped with a Modular Kit, including air conditioning, breathable air systems, storage, and other essential supplies.

Strata Safe Room Air Conditioning Module
Strata Safe Room Air Conditioning Module
Breathable Air Systems

Breathable air can be provided by a borehole from the surface, compressed mine air with a high-quality air filtration system, or oxygen cylinders with alternative forms of CO2 scrubbing.


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Scrubber Module

  • Maintains CO2 levels below 1% (10,000 ppm)
  • Battery-powered fans circulate air through scrubber
  • Soda lime chemicals remove CO2
  • Soda lime curtains (alternative)


Oxygen Supply Module

  • Individual unit stores up to nine 2,900 psi (200 bar) cylinders per skid
  • Multiple modules can be used for additional cylinders
  • Regulators, flow valves, and cylinders included
  • Up to 3,300 cubic feet (93,000 L) of oxygen available per module


Air Cooling Module

  • Operates on mine power or battery backup, should power be lost
  • Continuous charging for emergency readiness
  • 220 – 480 volts input
  • Minimum of 48 hours continuous cooling
  • Installed in outer wall of safe room
Strata Safe Room Storage Cabinet
Strata Safe Room Storage Cabinet
Additional Options

A scalable supply of food and water are provided, along with a first aid kit, a communication device, flashlights and gas monitors. Benches are in place for additional comfort and a portable toilet, along with supplies as needed.

  • Other options include:
  • Stackable, auxiliary battery power with 24 hours of additional power
  • Explosion-resistant access door that can withstand 15psi overpressure
  • Optionals airlock and purge air system
  • Optional lighting and alarm kit includes LED interior lighting, LED exterior flashing beacon, alarm, batteries, and charger