Two Coal Miners Near Heavy Equipment Using HazardAvert
HazardAvert Proximity

HazardAvert Proximity

Miner working undergound with machinery
Miner Working Safely Underground
Robust, Durable Design for Underground & Surface Mining

HazardAvert is a proximity detection and collision avoidance safety system designed to prevent accidents and injuries by detecting when a person or vehicle enters a specifically marked area, or zone, around an operating piece of machinery. When a zone is breached, the system emits an audible and visual warning alert and can be programmed to slow or stop the machine automatically.

With over 1,000 systems currently operating in the global market, HazardAvert has a proven track record for operating in working sections with multiple pieces of machinery and multiple miners.  Every person in the working area is detected by every piece of operating machinery.

HazardAvert can be used in underground coal and hard-rock mines, as well as surface mines. While the core technology is consistent across all types of mining, the system is specifically tailored according to the application and mining type.

Mining truck driving above ground
Machinery Navigating Safely
Detecting Potential Danger

HazardAvert creates an electromagnetic marker zone around machinery using field generators.  Generators, or Proximity Modules, are fitted onto machinery and create zones designated as the ‘WARNING ZONE’ and ‘HAZARD ZONE’. These marker zones can encompass the entire machine and its turning radius or be specific to certain areas.

Workers wear Personal Alarm Devices (PADs) which detect and measure these magnetic zones and determine their proximity from the machine. When the miner breaches the zones, the PADs emit audible and visual warning alarms. For underground coal mining, the PAD attaches to the miners belt and has a bright red LED warning light and audible alarm. For underground hard-rock and surface mining applications, the PADs have the addition of a Warning Module that attached to the miner’s hard hat. 

Proximity Detection Zones
HazardAvert Electromagnetic Zones
Customizable Zones for Mine-Specific Application

Zone shaping is accomplished with the use of two or more generators on the same machine. Multiple generators can be used to create tailored zone shapes according to mine management preference. Zones are then standardized for the mine and repeatable across all machinery in that mine. This increases the ease of use and simplifies training.

SILENT ZONES can be created inside the marker field to allow operators to function in specified areas, operator’s cab and close to the machine without activating the alarm or disabling the machine. As soon as an operator exits this silent zone however, they will automatically trigger the system.

Collision Avoidance

Collisions between machinery above and below ground can be prevented with the use of a Vehicle Alarm Device (VAD), integrated into the Proximity Module housing. The VAD detects electromagnetic fields of other machinery and emits warning alarms to the machine operators. Where necessary, the system can be programmed to allow vehicles to interact without nuisance alarms.

HazardAvert Display Pod with lights
HazardAvert Display Pod
Data Retrieval

All system activities are recorded on the HazardAvert Display POD. This data can be retrieved directly off the machine via Bluetooth®, or, with the inclusion of Strata CommTrac communication nodes, can be streamed to the surface in real time. The Strata developed HazardLink™ technology used for this data transfer is standard on all HazardAvert systems.

Be Proximity Ready

The HazardAvert Proximity Ready Kit allows underground coal mines to lay the groundwork for proximity detection, ensuring a quick and final install at a later date. After installing the Proximity Ready Kit, the remaining HazardAvert system components can be quickly and easily installed when the mine is ready.


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