Fiber Crib Blocks

Fiber Crib Blocks are designed to provide high-capacity, permanent roof support. Steel-fiber reinforcement provides a higher load capacity and toughness as compared to concrete blocks alone.
Open Stack Fiber Crib Blocks Concrete Roof Support
High-Strength & Dimensionally Stable

E. Dillon Fiber Crib blocks are made from a blend of steel-fibers and concrete materials. Stacked in layers underground, the concrete blocks provide dimensional stablility, increased strength and stable yielding for active ground conditions.

Concrete supports are resistant to atmospheric deterioration and provide “cut-able” capabilities, ideal for “mine through” applications.ust.

Closed Stack Fiber Crib Blocks Concrete Roof Support
  • Permanent standing support at shaft or slope bottoms
  • Permanent support along roadways & in air courses
  • Support under beams or cross-bars
  • Support for mine through areas in longwall panels
  • Cut-able support at rib-line in head or tail gate entry