StrataCrete Plug Seals

The StrataCrete Plug Seal is an MSHA approved, 120 psi ventilation seal that requires fewer hands on deck during construction. Filled with concrete pumped from the surface, the Plug Seal can be fully built in 5 to 6 shifts. MSHA Approval # 120M-01.0
Installing StrataCrete Plug Seal with Rocprops
Constructing the Plug Seal

Construction of the Strata Plug Seal includes two formwalls built with concrete blocks or other form materials set a specific distance apart. This distance is dependent on the height and width of the mine entry. The area between the formwalls is remotely filled with a specially blended concrete mix called StrataCrete that is pumped from remote areas underground or from the surface.

The StrataCrete Plug Seal is ideal for areas with weaker, softer coal ribs because the increased coverage of the seal helps to stabilize the ribs. It is also best suited for areas that are not expected to encounter significant ground convergence.

Strata Mine Services offers turnkey installation of ventilation seals and overcasts to control mine ventilation and maintain safe working environments.

Installing StrataCrete Plug Seal.

StrataCrete Plug Seals are designed for mine openings ranging from 2.5 to 16 feet high and 16 to 40 feet wide.

In seals 7 feet high by 24 feet wide, the typical thickness is approximately 8.5 feet. In seals 9 feet high by 24 feet wide, the typical thickness is 10.3 feet.