Rock Consolidation & Stabilization

Organosol 550 DT™ is a fast reacting, non-expanding injection resin, designed specifically for stabilizing and consolidating loose, fractured and delaminated strata in mining environments.
Organosol 550 DT application
  • Organosol 550 DT is a two-component urea-silicate injection glue
  • Insensitive to water in the reaction. Does not absorb, shrink, expand or foam
  • Designed for consolidating fractured rock, soil and gravel in surface and underground mining environments
  • Utilized in mine roof, ribs, shafts, seals, underground roadways, coal faces and longwalls
  • Can be used to seal against and control water underground
  • Ideal for anchoring self-drilling anchors and cable heads



Strata Worldwide provides teams of experienced personnel to complete rock consolidation and ground stabilization projects anywhere in the country. We provide turn-key service including the injection resin, pumping equipment, skilled labor crews and mining professionals to complete the job quickly and accurately. 

Sample showing rock consolidation
  • 1:1 volumetric mix ratio
  • Good mixing without marbling
  • Non-expanding, safe for weak strata and soils
  • Reacts under water without dilution
  • Low exothermic reaction temperature: <230°F
  • High bond strength >600psi
  • Final compressive strength approximately 5000psi
  • Maintains flexural integrity and high flexural strength
  • Fire resistant, Class B2 per DIN 4102 Part 1
  • Phthalate free, REACH compliant
Organosol Containers and Pump
  • 10.5 gallon units:
  • A-Component in plastic pail
  • B-Component in metal drum
  • Sensitive to moisture and frost
  • Store in original closed packaging
  • Storage temperatures: 41-86°F
  • Shelf-life at 68°F: 12 months
  • Once opened, useful life is greatly reduced and should be used as quickly as possible