The Propsetter® System is a standing support system combining the stiffness of a prop with a built-in yield zone. This yield zone enables the prop to safely give under load.
Optimized packaging of Propsetter Support Systems
Easy to Install

The Propsetter System is a low cost support prop that is fast and easy to install. Up to 150 units have been installed in a single shift. 

It is designed to enhance mine safety by replacing four-point cribs and other conventional supports while offering comparable load capacities.

When used to replace four-point cribs, 72% less material is handled and up to 76% less ventilation resistance is achieved.

The Propsetter can be used with the Strata PowerWedge Pre-stressing device, Strata Hydrocells or Packsetter™ bags to achieve active pre-loading.

Propsetter is engineered to yield under load
A High Standard of Performance

The Propsetter System yields in a controlled manner through 16" of deflection as the roof and floor converge. Headboards and bases are used to distribute the load and avoid punching into the roof and floor. 

The standard diameter Propsetter is capable of supporting over 50 ton loads at two inches of deflection. The large diameter Propsetter is capable of supporting over 65 ton loads at two inches of deflection.

Propsetters installed underground
Size and Capacities

For seam heights up to 10 and 11ft*

  • 7”  – 25 tons of load
  • 8.5” - 50 tons of load
  • 10” - 65 tons of load
  • 12” – 100 tons of load**

*11ft length for 12" props only
**12" prop actual diameter 11.5"