CO Diversion System

The Strata Carbon Monoxide (CO) Diversion System is a fully automatic purging system that monitors the level of CO in the supply air line, and automatically diverts the air if it exceeds dangerous levels. The unit can be fitted to any mine compressed air system or connected to an existing air filter system.
Strata Carbon Monoxide Diversion System
Technical Advancements

Technical advancements of the Strata CO Diversion System include:

  • Fully Adjustable Alarm Settings - Can be set to detect carbon monoxide levels from 5 ppm and above.
  • Four Output Options - Four output options can connect to alarms, solenoids, flashing strobes or control stations.
  • Flexible Connections - Can be fitted or retrofitted to any existing mine compressed air system, air filter system or installed as part of any mine refuge chamber.