Fresh Air Bay Training Unit

The Strata Safety Fresh Air Bay training units are scaled models of production Fresh Air Bays, designed and equipped to provide miners with hands-on training and experience. The units are trailer mounted to be portable and enable them to travel directly to mines for onsite training.
Coal Miner Pulls the Inflatable Fresh Air Bay Refuge Chamber with truck
Fully Functional Replications

The Fresh Air Bay Training Units are fully functional with a replicated tent inflation, airlock purge and carbon dioxide scrubbing system. Similar to the Strata Fresh Air Bay Chamber, the replicated tent inflation is achieved by the use of an air compressor and receiver tank which is powered by a standard 110 volt source.

The units are equipped with replicated controls, valves, regulators and gauges, as well as functioning access doors, deployment doors and tent inflation releases. All components ensure that the miners receive accurate, real life experience

Inflated, the tents stand at the same height and width as standard production units, but are shorter in length to reduce inflate and deflate cycles. Once inflated, miners can enter the Bays and experience purging the airlock and operating the CO2 scrubber.

These Fresh Air Bay Training Units are available for sale, lease or hire with a certified training instructor.

Deployed Portable Fresh Air Bay Training Unit
Fully Inflated Portable Fresh Air Bay Refuge Chamber