Strata Safe Rooms (SSR)

The Strata Safe Room is a pre-constructed underground refuge room for emergencies. It is designed to provide life-sustaining shelter, supplies and breathable air to miners trapped underground. Safe Rooms can be built to any size.
Strata Safe Room
emergency breathable air
SSR Modular Component Skids
  • Self-contained breathable air system including a carbon dioxide scrubber and regulated oxygen supply
  • Compressed mine air connection with high quality air filtration
  • Borehole air supply
safe room for underground refuge
SSR Access Door
  • Air-tight steel-door access and optional dual-door Airlock entrance
  • Optional blast-resistant access door (15 psi)
  • Optional purge air system in airlock
  • Optional air cooling with dehumidifying system
  • Auxiliary battery power to extend battery life
  • Lighting and alarm/siren kit for interior and exterior
  • Accessories and Commodities
    • Atmospheric monitoring

    • First Aid Kits

    • Communication

    • String lights

    • Food & water

    • Private lavatory 

mine safe room
  • Inexpensive to build, maintain and equip
  • Accommodates large numbers of people
  • Easily expanded
  • Ready for immediate use once installed and air-tight
  • Self-contained skid-based components for flexible options and layout
  • Does not interfere with mining operations
  • Strata customer support from design through implementation 

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Scrubbing

  • Maintains CO2 levels below 1% (10,000 ppm)
  • Powered: Battery-powered fans circulate air through scrubber
  • Soda lime chemicals remove CO2
  • Power-less soda lime curtains (alternative)


Oxygen Supply

  • Individual skid stores up to nine (9), 2,900 psi (200 bar) cylinders
  • Multiple skids can be used for additional cylinders
  • Regulators, flow valves included
  • Up to 3,300 cubic feet (93,000 L) of oxygen available per skid


Air Cooling with Dehumidifying

  • Regulates internal temperatures and humidity
  • Operates on mine power or battery back-up
  • Continuous charging for emergency readiness
  • 100 600 VAC input
  • Minimum of 48 hours continuous cooling


Additional Options

  • Stackable, auxiliary battery power with 24 hours of additional power. Multiple battery blocks can be used to increase duration
  • Storage cabinets for accessories and commodities