CO Diversion System

The Strata Carbon Monoxide (CO) Diversion System is a fully automatic system that monitors the quality of the air entering a mine refuge alternative through compressed mine-air supply lines, and automatically re-routes the air if the supply becomes contaminated with CO.
CO diversion system
Proven Technology

Strata employs the proven technology of the Trolex Sentro 1 gas monitor to detect CO in mines’ air supply lines and to control the diversion system. The Sentro 1 has adjustable alarm points and sensor stored calibration which delivers significant savings in maintenance time and hassles.

The CO Diversion System can be used in mine refuge chambers and underground safe rooms and are powered by mine power lines and/or battery back-up systems.

If the mine air supply flowing into the refuge alternative becomes contaminated with CO at the compressor intakes, the diversion system automatically re-routes the air out the enclosure and simultaneously emits an audible and visual alarm to notify occupants. If this happens, occupants are required to activate the back-up air supply system: the carbon dioxide scrubber and oxygen cylinders.

While the refuge alternative is operating in back-up mode, the Trolex sensor continues to periodically evaluate the mine air supply and will automatically divert the air back into the refuge area if it becomes safe for breathing.

An active air supply is easily identified by the sound produced at the air system silencer and when this occurs, the back-up air system can be deactivated and supplies reserved.