July 18, 2012
Strata Provides Service and Training for Refuge Chambers Credited in Smooth Response to New Zealand Mine Fire

ATLANTA – Just three weeks before an underground fire broke out in a New Zealand gold mine, a Strata Worldwide team completed a comprehensive service to the mine’s underground refuge chambers and provided a full training session to miners at the site on using the chambers in an emergency situation.

The chambers and the miners’ training are being credited as reasons for a positive outcome where 28 miners were safely rescued from the mine in less than 24 hours, and with no injuries other than a single case of smoke inhalation. 

According to reports from the New Zealand Herald, the miners followed procedure by immediately heading to the emergency chambers after a diesel truck engine caught fire in an underground gold mine in New Zealand’s Hauraki District.

Miners during a refuge chamber training session

Miners during a refuge chamber training session

“Safety isn’t just about having chambers underground,” states Tony Farrugia of Strata Australia, who has been developing and building refuge chambers for more than 12 years. “At Strata, we believe that this training is crucial, particularly in moments underground where a high level of stress can cause you to make the wrong decision.”

Underground refuge chambers have become an important component of mine safety, and training miners on how to access and operate the chambers is also vital to survival.  In designing its own refuge chambers, Strata focuses not only on safety, but also on ease of use – making sure that miners can quickly access the chambers in high-pressure, emergency situations.

Strata Worldwide designs and manufactures a range of state-of-the-art emergency refuge chambers for mining and construction industries worldwide. To enhance training sessions, the company has also developed replica training units that provide miners with real-life, hands-on training and experience in operating the chambers.

Visit the new Strata website at www.strataworldwide.com to learn more about chambers and other safety equipment.


Strata Worldwide L.L.C. is recognized as a global leader in mine safety solutions. The company’s product line includes wireless communications and tracking systems, emergency mine refuge chambers, secondary roof support products, proximity detection systems and mining construction services. Strata is committed to the design and development of technologies that are beneficial for today and that lay a foundation for improved solutions in the future. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the company has service and sales support offices in the mining regions of the U.S., Europe, Australia, South Africa, China and Mexico.