July 10, 2013
Strata Safety Products, LLC to be First Business at Garrett County's Keyser's Ridge Business Park

OAKLAND, MD – The Garrett County Board of Commissioners is pleased to announce that Strata Safety Products, LLC, will be the first business to occupy the Keyser’s Ridge Business Park located at U.S. Route 40 and Interstate-68, in Grantsville, Maryland.  Strata Safety Products, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Strata Worldwide, LLC, a global leader in mine safety solutions that promote a safer, more productive working environment above and below ground. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, this new Grantsville location will be Strata’s first in our region.  

“The Board of Commissioners and I are committed to the continual economic growth of the county,” remarked Economic Development Director, Mike Koch. “Strata will provide Garrett County’s workforce with additional employment opportunities, and Strata is already a business partner of other Garrett County and regional businesses.”

The Keyser’s Ridge Business Park was developed in 2003 by the State of Maryland, through the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED), with $2.5 million in funding.

“We are pleased to welcome Strata Safety Products to Maryland and look forward to working with them to help them to grow and add jobs here,” said DBED Secretary Dominick M. Murray. “We look forward to working with our partners in Garrett County to continue to attract additional companies to the Business Park.”

Recently, Strata announced that it is the first company, worldwide, to receive official United States Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) approval for components used in its Mine Refuge Alternatives.  These approvals include the September 2012 approval of the Breathable Air Component - Approval No. 07-LCA12001-0 and the March 2013 approval of the Harmful Gas Removal Component - Approval No. 07-LCA130002-0.

“We are pleased to work with the Garrett County Economic Development team, and look forward to occupying the new facility at Keyser’s Ridge Business Park,” stated David Maust, Vice President and General Manager of Strata’s Refuge Alternatives.  “We were very happy to have been the first company worldwide to be awarded the MSHA approval for a Refuge Alternative component. Our new Garrett County facility will certainly play a role in helping us meet the upcoming demands for our Refuge Alternatives.”

The county is working with Strata to construct a 12,000-square foot, steel-framed, manufacturing facility on a five-acre parcel in the Keyser’s Ridge Business Park.   Strata plans to use the facility for research and development, engineering, product service, project management, and customer service in support of its line of emergency refuge and safety chambers and accessories. Completion of construction and occupancy by Strata is anticipated by year-end 2013. Once complete, Strata has agreed to create twenty-five permanent, full-time jobs at the facility.

About Garrett County, Maryland:

Nestled in the mountains of Western Maryland, Garrett County features high elevations—and higher opportunities for prosperity.  Lured by an abundance of resources and natural beauty, over 900 businesses elevate their workforce—and profit margins—in Garrett County.  Boasting a solid workforce and affordable real estate, Garrett County blends modern conveniences with country living.  Efficient by design, our technology and transportation infrastructure redefine rural life, offering convenience and proximity to key markets.

In Garrett County, we’re reinventing rural.  Mindful of our agrarian roots, we support the organic growth of innovation.  Strata joins 33 specialty manufacturers making their mark globally, with cutting-edge safety, technology, and construction products.  Our manufacturers are inventive and are reinventing the rural economy.  Visit: www.reinventingrural.com to learn more.

About Strata Safety Products, LLC:

Strata Safety Products designs and manufactures a range of state-of-the-art emergency refuge and safety equipment for mining and construction industries worldwide.  The chambers provide a safe haven of breathable air for miners and/or construction workers trapped in potentially toxic environments.  Strata’s sophisticated and unique carbon dioxide scrubber places its refuge chambers above the rest in the coal mining industry.  Visit:  http://www.strataworldwide.com/safety-products.

For more information about Garrett County, Maryland, visit:  http://www.visitdeepcreek.com and http://www.gcedonline.com.




Kim Durst