January 15, 2014
United Coal Teams with Strata Worldwide for Proximity Detection

Release October 9, 2013
Revised January 15, 2014

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - United Coal Company has selected Strata Worldwide to outfit its mobile equipment fleet with the HazardAvert® proximity detection system at its Affinity Mine. The Affinity Mine complex, which includes four super-sections that produce 1.4 million tons of high quality metallurgical coal annually, has recognized the need for an overhaul of its processes and an enhancement of its safety procedures in mining operations. The company researched and tested the performance of both cameras and proximity detection on mobile machinery and decided that proximity detection was the better option. Proximity detection systems do not have the same visibility issues underground as the cameras, and are better suited for operation on the continuous miner.   

At this time, HazardAvert proximity systems have been installed on 14 shuttle cars, three scoops and one continuous miner at the Affinity Complex.  The company has scheduled installations on its remaining 7 continuous miners and 2 shuttle cars and projects these to be completed in early February.

“We’re impressed with the technology advancements that Strata has made to its proximity systems,” states Mike Zervos, President and CEO of United Coal. “I believe that proximity technology represents the next quantum leap in preventing serious injuries and fatalities caused by mobile mining equipment.”

United Coal also plans to install HazardAvert on the remainder of its mobile fleet throughout its other underground mines. These installations are expected to be completed during the first quarter of 2014.  Zervos also stressed that he wanted the Affinity complex to be the first mine in the US to install proximity protection on all major mining equipment, including continuous miners, shuttle cars and scoops. 

 “United Coal has taken a proactive approach to safety by installing proximity detection on its machinery before any government mandate,” states Mike Berube, President and COO of Strata Worldwide.  “We have had a very positive experience working with their team to get these systems installed quickly.”


About HazardAvert®: HazardAvert is a proximity detection and collision avoidance safety system designed to prevent accidents and injuries by detecting when a person or vehicle enters a specifically marked area, or zone, around an operating piece of machinery. When a zone is breached, the system emits an audible and visual warning alert and can be programmed to slow or stop the machine automatically. HazardAvert is currently the only system with a proven track record for operating in working sections with multiple pieces of machinery and multiple miners.  Every person in the working area is detected by every piece of operating machinery.

HazardAvert can be used in underground coal and hard-rock mines, as well as surface mines. While the core technology is consistent across all types of mining, the system is specifically tailored according to the application and mining type.

About United Coal:
United Coal Company owns a total of six active underground mines and two surface operations in two eastern states. It is a subsidiary of Metinvest B.V., the 10th largest vertically integrated steel producer in the world.  Metinvest has operations in Ukraine, Italy, UK, Bulgaria and the US and markets its steel products to 75 countries worldwide.

About Strata Worldwide L.L.C: Strata Worldwide L.L.C. is recognized as a global leader in mine safety solutions. The company’s product line includes wireless communications and tracking systems, emergency mine refuge chambers, secondary roof support products, proximity detection systems and mining construction services. Strata is committed to the design and development of technologies that are beneficial for today and that lay a foundation for improved solutions in the future. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the company has service and sales support offices in the mining regions of the U.S., Europe, Australia, South Africa and Mexico.



For more information on HazardAvert or its work with United Coal, please contact Strata Worldwide at (770) 321-2500 or info@strataproducts.com or visit us at www.strataworldwide.com.