DD-2 Flinger Duster

The DD-2 Flinger Duster is a small, self-contained dry duster, powered by a 36 volt battery. It is ideal for small and hard-to-reach inby areas.
flinger rock duster

The battery-powered DD-2 is a rubber-tire mounted pull-behind unit with a remote start/stop. It can be pulled by a personnel carrier or utility vehicle. This application eliminates the need to use a scoop for rock dusting duties. Alternatively, the DD-2 can be hydraulically powered, running off the hydraulic PTO of the Strata Mini Trac - as pictured above.


tire mounted DD-2 flinger duster
  • Single or Dual Auger/Flinger Assembly
  • 36V DC, 5HP
  • Self-Contained
  • Battery powered or Hydraulic
  • Remote Start/Stop Switch
  • Single Person Operation
  • Capacity:  1250 – 1500 lbs
  • Rubber-tire mounted unit towed by personnel carrier
  • Hydraulic unit used with Mini Trac or Scoop Bucket


dd-2 for Mini trac or scoop