Diesel Mini-Trac

The Diesel Mini-Trac is a compact, multi-purpose, articulated tractor that provides custom applications with a variety of “quick catch” accessories. Pictured with forklift assembly.

The Diesel Mini-Trac is a robust utility vehicle designed specifically for underground mining applications. They are built with multi-functional capabilities and enhanced operational safety.

  • MSHA approved diesel engine
  • Articulates and oscillates
  • Ball bearing center section
  • 4-Wheel Drive
  • Severe mine service foam filled tires
  • Planetary torque hubs
  • Hydraulic PTO – 16 GPM @ 2000 PSI
  • Adjustable ground clearance options
  • Optional West Virginia Diesel Compliant and DPM Treatment Package
  • Certified canopy available


  • Forklift assembly – 36, 42 and 48in forks.
  • Auxiliary Lift Assembly – 2000lb/36in lift capacity
  • LHD Bucket
  • Scoop Type Ejector Bucket
  • Swivel Ejector Bucket
  • Jib Crane with Hydraulic Winch
  • Grading Blade
  • Scraper Arm
  • Spot Drill
  • SBF Flinger Duster