Strata Scoop Bucker Flinger “SBF” Dusters

The versatile Strata Scoop Bucket Flinger “SBF” Duster has the ability to achieve complete, all-over coverage in a single pass.
flinger duster

Placed in a vehicle bucket or on a Combination Car, the push-out blade feeds bulk quantities of rock dust to the duster augers and flingers which then results in immediate and wide-spread rock dust distribution.

  • Scoop bucket mounted
  • Push-out blade required
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Single person operation
  • Single pass coverage
  • Can be used with:
    • Scoops
    • Coal Haulers
    • Mini and Mega Tracs
    • Combination Cars
scoop bucket mounted flinger duster
SBF on Mini Trac Ejector Bucket
  • Rugged quality steel construction
  • Operates off hydraulic PTO, 12-15 GPM @ 1,000-1,500 PSI (45-56 LPM @ 7-10Mpa)
  • Standard lengths 106in, 110in & 116in (2.7m, 2.8m & 3m) with 5 inch (127mm) auger
  • Height: 15in (380mm)
  • Weight: 1,500lbs (680kg) approximately
  • Optional “Floor Flinger” models available


combination car mining
Combination Car

Strata Combination Cars are easily towed by mobile equipment and hold bulk quantities of rock dust, gravel or supplies. Easily refilled with "Super" rock dust bag (1 ton bag) or mechanically.

  • Rail or rubber tire pull-behind
  • High capacity
  • Scoop-type push-out blade
  • Rock duster, supply cart and/or ballast car


Combination Car