Strata H2O RAM Duster

The H2O RAM Duster offers a number of time saving benefits. The process of wet dusting eliminates airborne float-dust, making it safe to rock dust on-shift, and the design of the duster enables it to remain in the scoop bucket even while the scoop is used for other daily duties.
h2o RAM duster

By mixing water and rock dust for wet dusting, mines are able to eliminate the airborne float-dust during application, and this enables working operations to continue as normal.

  • Combines rock dust and water to spray a dust free solution
  • Solution returns to dust when dry
  • Wet dust provides better adherence to surfaces and covers more area as compared to dry dusting
  • Application completed with spray bar or hand wand


wet dusting video
H2O RAM Duster for wet dusting
  • Easy fill dust compartment
  • 100-150 gallon capacity
  • High capacity hydra cell pump
  • Integrated scoop blade for versatile capabilities
  • Optional water clean out and water tank