tailgate rock dusters
Strata Tailgate Dusters

Strata Tailgate Dusters

The Strata selection of tailgate rock dusters are high pressure, high capacity and volume, continuous-duty units designed to reach long distances – up to 3200 feet (1000 meters)


Rubber tire Mini-Duster

The Strata high-pressure Mini-Dusters are available in a number of configurations and system designs to offer flexible and custom options.

Used on the longwall, the duster’s long distance hose extends to the tailgate and performs continuous, unmanned rock dust application. Refilling of supplies is completed in clean air. Dual tanks are single discharge, enabling filling of one while dusting with the other.

Mini-Dusters can also be used in room and pillar mines, facilitating hose dusting in the working section. The unit can be placed at the end of the rail, or moved off the rail and positioned to the side, and utilizing the long distance hose, a single operator can rock dust the entire working section with bulk quantities of rock dust.

  • Rail, Rubber Tire, Monorail or Skid Mounted
  • 100 PSI
  • 100 to 460 CFM (2.8 to 13 m3/min)
  • ASME Code Certified Tank
  • Dual POD-Single discharge options
  • 450, 650 or 850lb capacity per POD
  • Utilize existing mine air or on-board compressor
  • 50 to 100 HP compressor
  • MSHA & PA Approved Models


tailgate rock dusters for longwall mining
Rail-mounted Mini Duster

This hybrid design provides the large capacity and volume of bulk dusters with the high-pressure performance and continuous-duty capabilities of the Mini-Duster. Storage capacities up to 5000lbs (2270kgs), the Long Distance Duster is refilled by other bulk dusters underground.

  • Rail or skid mounted
  • Bulk capacity – up to 5000lbs (2270kg)
  • 50 or 100 HP compressor
  • 100 psi
  • ASME Code Certified Tank



Ideal for emergency, supplemental dusting in the tailgate, this small, low profile unit is powered by the emulsion fluid of the longwall shields.