General Contracting Services

Strata Worldwide offers quality products, equipment, mining expertise and labor to complete any construction project in underground and surface mining. We specialize in ventilation control and pumping services, and provide crews of skilled personnel to get the job done.
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Highwall meshing
Highwall mesh and repair
The Right Teams and Tools

Strata’s goal is to maintain a productive working environment while increasing worker safety underground. We provide a variety of general and specialized services for mining operations across the country.

Construction Services include:


Sealing abandoned mine
Sealing an abandoned mine entry

General Contract Labor

  • Water Control & Diversion
  • Strata Consolidation
  • Void Fill
  • Roof Repair
  • Site Rehabilitation
  • Mine Recovery
  • Abandoned Mine Sealing
  • Equipment Operators
  • Beltline Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Roadway Repair
  • Highwall meshing & Repair
  • Rock Dusting
  • Roof Bolting
  • Roof Support Installation
  • Coal Loading
  • General Underground Labor