Concrete Cloth™ for Mining

Concrete Cloth™ is a flexible, cement-saturated fabric that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable concrete layer that is fire- and water-resistant.
Installing Concrete Cloth Aboveground
How It Works

Manufactured by Milliken, Concrete Cloth™ can be used vertically, on slopes, in ditches, underwater, and in other hard to reach places thanks to its unique structure and design. The Concrete Cloth™ will bend and curve, enabling it to follow natural contours and unusual formations found in a mining environment.

Cement is trapped in a flexible 3D fabric, backed with a waterproof layer. The fabric reinforces the concrete and reduces cracking while providing flexibility to bend and curve. Once the Cloth is placed, it is hydrated with water to activate the cement. Within 24 hours, the product will cure to 80% of its designed strength.

It does not require molds, mixing, or heavy equipment to handle or install. Simply lay it, secure it, wet it, and use it.

Concrete Cloth™ comes in a variety of sizes, including rolls that can be carried by two men.

Concrete Cloth Is Installed on a Slope Aboveground
Milliken Concrete Cloth™ Installed on Slope
Mining Benefits and Applications of Concrete Cloth™

Concrete Cloth™ provides a fast alternative for constructing permanent or temporary blast and vent structures. The product is prefabricated and easily transported and stored underground. It can be fixed to the rock face using standard power tools and comes in a man-portable roll form, alleviating logistical difficulties associated with traditional methods. Concrete Cloth™ is MSHA approved.

Mining applications of Concrete Cloth™ include:

  • Spall lining
  • Ventilation structures
  • Blast walls
  • Drainage and water management
  • Drainage and water management
  • Ground stabilization
  • Pipe protection


Concrete Cloth™ in Roll Before Use
Concrete Cloth™ is Easy to Use, Transport, & Store