Grout and Concrete Pumping Solutions

Strata Mine Services keeps mining operations moving with both short and long-distance pumping services. Strata Mine Services offers experienced labor and supervision to plan and execute a wide variety of concrete and grout placement jobs.
Two Strata Specialists preform concrete pumping services underground
Strata specialist pumps conrete from the surface of the mine
Concrete Pumping From the Surface
Tailored Pumping Solutions

Our high-pressure, high-capacity Putzmeister Pump easily handles concrete or grout over long distances. Our low-pressure grout pumps are the ideal choice for shorter distances. The mixing system is designed to work underground or on the surface to deliver pre-blended material to the pump. Product managers are available to assist mines in the planning and implementation of a project, including site evaluation and system design.

Strata specialist pumps concrete from underground
Worker Pumping Concrete Underground
Specialized Concrete & Grout Blends

Strata Mine Services has also developed a number of specialized concrete and grout blends for the mining industry. Our product managers can help you design and configure the pumping solution unique to your needs. These designs can be configured to accommodate a variety of strength and placement requirements.

Turnkey Installation & Logistical Support

Strata Mine Services saves customers time and money with turnkey Grout and Concrete Pumping Services and logistical support for our entire product line.