Powerless Emergency Refuge Chambers

Strata's powerless emergency refuge chambers are complete safety systems designed to provide immediate refuge and breathable air in the event that air quality in the working environment becomes compromised. They serve as a cache of clean, breathable air, ideal for any situation where workers could become trapped.
powerless Refuge Chamber underground

The Strata Powerless Refuge Chamber ideal for Coal Mining is completely powerless and self-contained. It is built with explosion resistant steel walls and reinforced doors, hinges and windows to withstand up to 15 psi of overpressure.

Providing a standard 96 hours of breathable air, the chambers are equipped with an innovative, patent pending carbon dioxide scrubber, powered by compressed air and utilizes soda lime chemicals to remove carbon dioxide.


the interior of a powerless Refuge Chamber underground

Strata has engineered robust wheel and hitch packages for the steel chambers that can be added during construction or retrofitted later. These additions assists in maneuvering the chambers into and around the mines, significantly reducing wear and tear. The hitch is a removable drawbar supplied at varying lengths. It can be used on either end of the chamber to facilitate pulling in either direction.


a yellow powerless Refuge Chamber

Strata Worldwide Instructional Manuals are provided to customer for educational purposes. These manuals are designed to help ensure greater knowledge and understanding in product purpose, operation and maintenance.

exterior of a yellow powerless Refuge Chamber