roof support pre-loading
Pre-Stressing Roof Supports

Pre-Stressing Roof Supports

Power Wedge Mechanical Pre-Stressing

The Power Wedge Mechanical Pre-Stressing Device applies active roof loads from prop-type supports. Power Wedge converts torque into upward roof force generating pre-stressing loads up to 10 tons. Torque is applied with a 1 1/8" (29 mm) socket via hand wrench, air or hydraulic tool. The unit enables pre-stressing without the need for water, grout or pumps.

Hydrocell Pre-Stressing Plate

Hydrocell Pre-Stressing plate is a welded, expandable sheet metal plate used for pre-loading support props and cribs. Hydrocells fill with water from a hose or pump and expand to apply load to the roof. Hydrocells are capable of supporting up to 10 tons of installed load.

Packsetter Pre-Stressing Bags

Packsetter Pressurized Pre-Stressing Bags are designed for strong, low-cost support and sealing applications in underground mining operations. Packsetter’s proven design exerts up to 80 tons of force with a single, standard bag configuration.