Belt-Line Hose Dusters

Blanket/Hose Dusters for belt line entries utilize blowers to distribute rock dust in hard-to-reach and 'underneath' areas not covered by standard rock dusting equipment.

The Strata EL5-200 is a compact, tow-behind hose duster designed specifically for hard-to-reach areas; particularly under belt lines. Pulled by any personnel transport vehicle, the vehicle operator uses the hose to apply rock dust in underneath areas not reached by routine dusting applications.  A trigger switch at the end of the hose enables the operator to turn the blower on and off without having to exit the vehicle.

  • Completely self-contained
  • Battery power - 5 HP, 36-volt DC motor with six, 6 volt batteries
  • Standard  Roots Type ‘33’ blower
  • 200lb (90kg) capacity (higher capacities available) 
  • 15ft of 1½ inch (4.5m of 38mm) hose with trigger switch

The Dual Purpose Rock Duster serves double duty by providing both trickle dusting and blanket hose dusting capabilities. Blanket dusting up to 300 feet and Trickle dusting up to 400 feet.

  • Variable discharge rates 1 to 200lbs/min (0.5 to 90kg/min)
  • 5HP
  • 15 HP “Super” unit option
  • 65 CFM Blower (1.8 cubic meter)
  • 2in (50mm) static conducting hose
  • Voltages 96V (DC), 128V (DC)
                 440V (AC) & 575 V (AC)
  • Capacity 450lbs (205kg) standard
  • Capacity 500 -1000lbs (226 - 450kg) options
    (Twin PODS)
  • 8 to 10 PSI (55 to 68 Kpa)
  • Skid or rubber tire mounted
  • Total Fluidization - Total Cleanout
  • Nylon air pad
  • Quick open, pressure sealed hatch
  • Low maintenance - No augers or air slides
  • Permissible