Trickle Dusters

Trickle dusters are low-pressure, continuous-use dusters that distribute lower quantities of rock dust by dispersing it into an air stream.

The Belt Master Trickle Duster is conveyor belt driven. The duster roller is mounted onto the belt line and the movement of the belt drives the blower to distribute the rock dust. The Belt Master contains no electrical motor and does not require permissibility checks by a certified electrician.

  • Roller mounted on top of return belt
  • Total Fluidization
  • 400lb (180kg) capacity
  • 29in (736mm) pod height
  • Operating pressure 5 PSI (35Kpa)
  • Discharge rate 1-2lbs/min (0.5-1kg/min)
  • 1.5in (40mm) diameter hose, up to 15 feet (4.5m)
  • Easy to Install
belt driven trickle duster

Skid or rubber tire mounted trickle duster powered by an electric motor. Permissible options available.

  • Electric
  • 400 - 1000lb (180-450kg) capacity
  • Total Fluidization
trickle duster

The Vari-Trick is a variable rate, long distance trickle duster that provides up to 800 feet of dusting capability. Mine personnel can manually adjust the rate of rock dust dispersion between 0 and 4 pounds of rock dust per minute (0-1.8kg).

  • Electric 2HP Motors, 460/575VAC
  • Variable speed auger
  • Dust up to 800ft (240m)
  • 0-4lbs/min (1.8kg/min)
  • Capacity 1200lbs (545kg)
  • Oversize fill latch
  • Rail, Rubber Tire or Skid Mounted
  • Single valve controls air and dust mixtures
  • Electric 1 ½ or 2HP Motors
  • 33 U-RAI Blower
  • Dust up to 400ft (1.2m)
  • 1-4lbs/min (1.8kg/min)
  • Capacity 600lbs (272kg)
  • Oversize fill latch
  • Rubber Tire or Skid Mounted

The Dual Purpose Rock Duster serves double duty by providing both trickle dusting and blanket hose dusting capabilities. Blanket dusting up to 300 feet and Trickle dusting up to 400 feet.

  • Variable discharge rates 1 to 200lbs/min (0.5 to 90kg/min)
  • 5HP
  • 15 HP “Super” unit option
  • 65 CFM Blower (1.8 cubic meter)
  • 2in (50mm) static conducting hose
  • Voltages 96V (DC), 128V (DC)
                 440V (AC) & 575 V (AC)
  • Capacity 450lbs (205kg) standard
  • Capacity 500 -1000lbs (226 - 450kg) options
    (Twin PODS)
  • 8 to 10 PSI (55 to 68 Kpa)
  • Skid or rubber tire mounted
  • Total Fluidization - Total Cleanout
  • Nylon air pad
  • Quick open, pressure sealed hatch
  • Low maintenance - No augers or air slides
  • Permissible
dual purpose trickle and hose dusting