Rocprop™ is a compact mechanical steel prop that provides active support using hydraulic pre-loading and safe yielding under load.
Rocprop Steel Roof Support installed underground
Stacks of Rocprops
Transporting Rocprops
Handling and Installation

Installation of Rocprop includes simply placing the prop into the footboard and extending it hydraulically to the roof. They can be extended using any source of fluid pressure.


Rocprops yield the entire length of the extended height. Active preload can be achieved and calculated - 1 ton of preload per 75 psi of pressure. (It is not recommended to exceed 1500psi.)


Rocprop is available for mining heights from 4' to 20' and comes with a variety of headboards. Its size and weight allows large quantities to be transported into the mine on a single trip. 



Rocprop cross section
Rocprop Hydraulic Roof Support
  • Longwall take-offs
  • Headgate support
  • Tailgates where there is access to water and compressed air