Packsetter Pre-Stressing Bags

Packsetter Pressurized Pre-Stressing Bags are designed for strong, low-cost support and sealing applications in underground mining operations. Packsetter’s proven design exerts up to 80 tons of force with a single, standard bag configuration.
Packsetter Pre-Stressing Bag with attached tube
Installation & Logistical Support

Strata Mine Services saves customers time and money with turnkey installation of Packsetter Pressurized Pre-Stressing Bags and logistical support for our entire product line.

Miner filling Packsetter Pre-Stressing Bags underground
Filling Packsetter Pre-Stressing Bags
Applications and Uses

Packsetter Bags are filled with grouts, polyurethane foam or water. The bags are abrasion and puncture resistant. A unique check valve design prevents the filling material from spilling out during filling or when the bag is under load.

Packsetter Pre-Stressing Bags can be used for:

  • Lifting & positioning
  • Jacking
  • Void filling
  • Pre-stressing roof supports and structural walls
  • Sealing
  • Backfill
  • Lagging
Filled Packsetter Pre-Stressing Bags
Filled Packsetter Pre-Stressing Bags