Power Prop

Available in Australia, the Penny Hydraulics Power Prop is a lightweight, temporary support in thicker seams. It offers remote setting capabilities for increased safety.
hydraulic roof support
  • Ideal for seams 2200mm to 3500mm at 11 tonnes but can also operate in seams up to 4500mm at 10 tonnes.
  • Power Prop yields at 11t.
  • Set using system pressure from powered supports, or the water line pressure.
  • Remote operating position for additional safety.
  • Protected operating handle.
  • Light weight (only 42kg).
  • Cost effective water compatible construction.

Each prop can be supplied with a range of extensions, friction tops, channel tops, prong tops and other spares to enable deployment in any mining and roof support application.

  • Extended heads up to 900mm.
  • Extended bases up to 300mm.

Top Type

Channel Top Prong Top Friction Top