The Strata Keg

The Strata Keg™ is a high-capacity, high-yield composite roof support for use in moderate to high convergence conditions.
strata keg mine roof support
strata keg ductile steel structure
8' Strata Keg ductile steel structure

The Strata Keg™ is designed with a ductile steel structure which confines a light weight Portland cement based fill material. This ensures a controlled deformation while maintaining support resistance. The fill material provides the initial stiffness of the support and its controlled density allows it to compress in a controlled manner under deformation. The ductile steel structure maintains support integrity and load capacity.

strata keg transport
Load of Strata Kegs
  • Available in 18, 22 and 24 inch diameter sizes
  • Standard lengths from 4 to 10 feet
  • Custom blocking and wedging packages available
  • Mechanical placement minimizes labor