Strata MARS II System

The Strata Mine-wide Automatic Rockdust (Stonedust) System (MARS) is an automated storage and dispersal system for the pneumatic transfer of rock (stone) dust in underground coal mines.
automatic rock dusting for coal mines

The system provides the capability to automatically transfer bulk quantities of rock (stone) dust from surface storage silos into a single, or multiple underground storage pods. A permanently installed underground pipe-range of inline slave pods can be expanded as the mine advances, carrying supplies mine-wide and inbye.  

  • Mine-wide pipeline system with Transfer Stations/Slave pods in specific locations
  • Inline slave pods can be placed at distances up to 3,500ft (1000m) apart
  • Each can be used for manual hose dusting directly from the pod
  • Multiple lateral branches along the pipeline allow hose dusting at various intervals
  • Final slave pod inline can be used as a refill station for mobile dusters such as trailer-mounted pod dusters, trickle dusters and flinger dusters
  • Additional compressor stations enable the advancement of the system for the life of the mine


underground slave pod
Permissible Underground Transfer Station/Slave Pod
  • Fully automatic, semi-automatic, or manual underground distribution of rock (stone) dust
  • Single refill location at the surface feeds directly to underground storage via borehole or portal pipeline
  • Considerable time and labor savings
  • Capabilities for large quantity handling, transport and storage
  • Flexible options for manual hose dusting and convenient refill for mobile dusters


slave pod refilling mobile pod


  • ASME Coded Pressure Vessels
  • Bin & Tank Weigh Systems
  • PLC Controlled
  • Automatic or Manual Configuration



  • 50, 100 Or 150 ton (US); 100, 150 and 200 tonne (Australia) surface storage silo
  • Compressor: 250CFM @100 PSI per Transfer Station 2, 3, or 4 inch diameter pipeline
  • PLC Master controls on surface near storage bin
  • PLC slave controls at transfer stations/slave pods for automatic transfer of dust from bin to underground stations
  • Pneumatic ransfer of supplies between slave pods set on a programmed timer using PLC's, or manually, on-demand, using the Strata hand-held Communicator  
Surface Storage Bin/Silo