StrataCrete Reinforced Concrete Seals

Strata Reinforced Concrete (SRC) Seals are a cost effective alternative to other 120psi seals with improved design features and ease of installation. The Reinforced StrataCrete Seal can be fully constructed in 4 to 6 shifts depending on mine dimensions. MSHA approval # 120M-14.0
Strata Reinforced Concrete Seal. 120 psi ventilation seal
Rugged & Airtight

A rebar lattice is constructed underground and then coated and filled with either a high-strength gunite or a proprietary concrete mix that is pumped remotely or from the surface. The speed and ease of installation saves the mine time and money. Pumping the StrataCrete mix from the surface is cost-effective and provides the added benefit of eliminating huge quantities of materials handling underground.

The 120 psi Reinforced Seal is designed for openings up to 12 feet high (3.6 metres) and 40 feet wide (12 metres) with a seal thickness ranging from 2.5 - 4 feet (0.78 - 1.22 meters). The thickness of the seal is determined by the dimensions of the proposed seal location

Strata Reinforced Concrete Seal. 120 psi ventilation seal