Trolex Sentro 8 Sensor Station

The Trolex TX9165 Sentro 8 SensorStation is a complete environmental sensing system in one integrated unit – sensors, display, AV alarm, control relays, datacomms and direct programming – all packaged into one extremely robust waterproof housing, ready for quick and simple installation.
Wall moiunted Trolex TX9165 Sentro 8 SensorStation
Three interchangeable Sentro modules
The Ultimate in Sensing Flexibility

Sentro 8 features interchangeable Sentro modules to configure both on-board sensors, or remote connected sensors, in any preferred combination.  Up to eight channels can be instantly user-defined for gas monitoring, temperature, humidity, flow, pressure, vibration and proximity by simply loading the compatible Sentro sensing module or remote sensor.

A hand replacing a componet on a Sentro 8.
Easy to Install and Use, Cost Effective to Maintain

Health and safety professionals, engineers and construction workers with general maintenance skills can install, maintain and service Sentro 8 without the need for specialist support. The intelligent, plug-in, Sentro modules give the Sensorstation its unique versatility. Any choice of function modules can be combined to create a monitoring system for almost any purpose.  Each module is pre-calibrated so can be substituted at any time with a replacement module. Calibration data is retained and is automatically recognized by the Sentro 8 when it is inserted.  This significantly simplifies calibration and maintenance and any module can be changed, even with the power applied.

When applied to a single system, Sentro 8’s benefits can add up to a considerable saving in both cost and manpower, but when applied across a whole project, it can have a massive impact on the bottom-line.