Trolex Sentry for Refuge Chambers

The Sentry Sensorstation is a self-contained environmental monitoring system designed specifically for Refuge Chambers. Multiple gases, along with select atmospheric conditions, are monitored simultaneously to meet refuge chamber regulations.
The Sentry Sensorstation for refuge chambers
gas and atmospheric monitoring for refuge chambers
Battery-powered Sentry Sensorstation

The Strata Sentry Supersensor provides multiple gas and atmospheric monitoring capabilities for refuge chamber environments. It is designed specifically for these confined environments and complies with MSHA regulations.

The  Sentry incorporates Trolex' latest sensor technology for high accuracy, long-life and exceptional robustness in challenging environments. The battery change and sensor calibration is every 6 months and battery life is rated over 190 hours from a single charge. Even at incident level temperature and humidity levels. 

  • Carrying handle for easier transport
  • Dual-wall housing gives maximum impact strength, and is protected against dust and moisture to IP65
  • Audio sounder alarm and flashing visual warning

MSHA approval #18-A140001-0