Ventilation Services & Products

To save customers time and money, Strata Mine Services offers turnkey installation of ventilation seals and overcasts to control mine ventilation and maintain safe working environments. Innovative design features enable quick installation and minimal delays in production.
Strata 120 psi ventilation products for underground mining
The Right Solutions for Overcasts, Seals, & Stopping

SEALS: For safety you can depend on, Strata offers MSHA approved ventilation seals with turnkey installation. The Strata developed 120 psi StrataCrete Plug Seal for areas with weaker ribs and the 120 psi Reinforced StrataCrete Seal for areas with limited space. These two seals can be quickly installed with the use of a high strength concrete mix pumped from the surface. Strata is also a certified installer of the Precision Mine Repair (PMR) Reinforced Concrete Seal. This rebar-reinforced seal utilizes Precision Mine Repair’s patented 3-D “wire-mesh” panels for added strength and stability

OVERCASTS: Building overcasts has never been quicker and easier. Strata’s Spray Panel Overcasts are constructed using light-weight 3-D panels and high-strength spray-applied gunite. They are completely airtight and require minimal maintenance. Strata provides the products, equipment, man-power and expertise to complete installation of SP Overcasts within three shifts.

STOPPINGS: The Strata 15 PSI Block Stopping provides another option in refuge alternatives. Developed for construction of safe rooms underground, the Strata 15 PSI stopping incorporates an explosion resistant steel access door. The stoppings consist of two concrete block walls built across the mine entry.