AIRDOC Change-Over Station

The Strata AIRDOC Change-Over Station is a transitional station that offers miners a non-toxic environment in which to rest, recover and exchange SCSR units during evacuation of the mine. In an emergency, miners enter the Change-Over Station, remove their SCSR and replace it with a new SCSR from the rack. Upon exiting the unit, the used SCSRs are placed in a disposal bin located next to the exit door.
AIRDOC Change-Over Station Exterior
AIRDOC Change-Over Station Exterior Front
AIRDOC Change-Over Station
Airlock Entry & Exit

Plastic Airlock Clear Strip Curtains or solid door is positioned at both the entrance and exit doors. This Airlock Clear Strips must remain in the closed position to minimize the introduction of air contaminants and ensure the center safe-area is free of toxic gas. The Airlocks are positioned in a way that reduces the risk of hazardous gases entering the main center section. In addition, always keep at least one door closed to stop a "draft effect" from occurring which may cause toxic gas to enter the unit. The station requires very little maintenance which is noted on the maintenance schedule.

AIRDOC Change-Over Station Interior with CO2 Scrubber
AIRDOC Change-Over Station Interior with CO2 Scrubber

Technical advancements of the Strata Change-Over Station include:

  • Fresh, Breathable Air Supply System - Provides up to 9 hour air supply from medical grade oxygen and compressed air cylinders (air only for coal mines).
  • CO2 Scrubber System - Patent pending Active CO2 Scrubber powered by compressed air for coal mines, or batteries for hard rock mines, removes carbon dioxide using soda lime chemicals.
  • Holds 50 Self-Rescuers - Storage rack holds 50 Self-Rescuers. Self-Rescuers remain in the "stand-by" mode until required.
  • Visible Inspection - The SCSRs are positioned so that the Inspection Viewing Site Glass is visible while on the rack. This enables a quick check ensuring that the Self-Rescuer is in a serviceable and safe condition.