Battery Backup Module

The Universal Battery Backup Power Module is a purpose built battery storage module comprising of a series of VRLA (valve-regulated lead–acid) batteries. It is used with Emergency Refuge Chambers or underground Safe Rooms to provide emergency battery back-up power.
Battery Module
Battery Module Pack
Battery Module Pack

In the event of mains power failure, the system will automatically switch to battery power and will provide auxiliary power for a minimum of 36 hours @ 5 amp current draw.

When mains power is restored the inverter automatically switches from battery to mains power and commences recharging the batteries.

Once in place, mine power is connected directly to the module which is then diverted through the lead into the refuge chamber, this makes the module very easy to install.


The enclosure is of robust construction and is made of lined 3 mm steel cladding and is fork lift able. The unit is stand alone and can be placed at the rear, front or to the side of the chamber. This enables the installation to be configured to suit the site conditions.


The inverter/charger unit is fully sealed and of very high quality that will provide continued reliability for many years. These units are located inside the chamber or refuge room.

Temperature compensation

The system is fitted with a temperature compensation charging module.

This module provides data from the batteries to the inverter/charger which regulates the current flow during the charging cycle, this is to ensure batteries are not overcharged or over-heated.

This unique system manages the charging cycle to provide extended life to the batteries plus reduces the risk of failure caused by overcharging.

Remote condition monitoring

The system can be connect via a link to provide off site monitoring for 180 days, this feature provides direct information to any computer either on or off site.

This critical information assists the safety crew, maintenance group and anyone requiring direct access to the back-up power systems.

Battery Life

The expected battery life is between 5–6 years. (Technical information can be provided), however battery life depends on a number of key factors:

    1.    Operating temperature
    2.    Method of charging
    3.    Actual use of the battery, i.e. standby or cycle service.

Power requirements

The input current requirement is 240 volt and a transformer may be needed in the mine to reduce the power from either 1000v or 415 volt.

Power Connection

Power connection between the battery pack and the refuge chamber is via a specially designed lead which is hardwired in with all circuit breaker requirements covered.


The batteries, inverter and charging system require no ongoing maintenance. It is recommended that the batteries be tested every 6 months to ensure peak performance.