Emergency Refuge Chambers

Strata Emergency Refuge Chambers are complete safety systems designed to provide immediate refuge and breathable air in the event that air quality in the working environment becomes compromised. They are intended to be an alternative option when escape is not possible.
Refuge Chamber Air Cconditioner & CO2 Scrubber
Primary and Backup Operation

Strata Refuge Chambers are designed to attach to the mine’s main compressor air lines and electrical power sources for an indefinite supply of breathable air and power. The mine air passes through a specialised filtration system to perform a complete cleansing by removing any taste or odours and preventing CO2 and heat build-up. The entrance of air creates a positive pressure throughout the chamber and a non-return valve controls the pressure.

Power attaches to operate the lights, siren, carbon dioxide scrubber, optional air conditioner and optional atmospheric monitoring system. Strata Refuge Chambers are equipped with a standard 48 hours of battery and air back-up supplies. These systems are upgradeable to 96 hrs. Backup power is a bank of fully automatic 24-volt batteries at the rear of the chamber and backup air is provided by on-board oxygen cylinders and an active sodalime carbon dioxide scrubber.

Battery pack on sliding shelf for ease of access

Upgraded Batteries

  • Improved systems to:
    • Increase the life-cycle of the batteries
    • Prevent overheating
    • Optimize replacement
    • Guarantee life-cycle of the batteries
  • Customisation of the invertor/ charger units to achieve maximum performance
  • Visual indicator that the batteries have been drawn below a set standard, reducing the risk of battery failure
  • Single point of activation
  • High quality, USA manufactured


Battery Power-Packs:

  • Grouping of batteries into easier to handle packs
  • Enable transport of fully assembled banks from the surface to underground chambers, eliminating manual handling of individual batteries
  • Pack is located at the front of the chamber for ease of operation

Battery Rack Dimensions:

  • 1045mm L x 935mm W x 1044mm H

Download chamber upgrade brochure

Hard Rock Refuge Chamber Interior

Technical Advancements

  • Robust Construction - Engineered and constructed to customer specifications.
  • Quality Air Supply System - High quality air filtration system purifies mine air. Backup air supply provides at least 48 hours of breathable air.
  • CO2 Scrubber System - Active CO2 Scrubber removes carbon dioxide using soda lime chemicals
  • Carbon Monoxide Removal System - Inbuilt CO removal system(No chemicals, no shelf-life)
  • Air Conditioning & Insulation - Air conditioning units included to regulate interior temperature and humidity. Internal insulation helps improve temperature control
  • Standard & Custom Sizes - Strata Refuge Chambers are available in standard & custom sizes to meet individual customer needs. This includes custom length and heights of the structure.
  • Air-Tight Rugged Design - Withstand harsh environments and provides immediate breathable air upon entry.
  • AirLock Entry - Sectioned off area to help minimize the entrance of air contaminants into the main chamber. Optional purge air system can be used to flush the air in the airlock prior to occupants' entrance into the chamber
  • 24-Volt Lighting - Internal 24V LED lighting system.
  • Drinking Water & Food - Includes food & drinking water in storage compartments under the seats..
  • Easy Handling - Built-in fork lift guides, lifting facility and skid base assist with moving & relocating the refuge chamber.
  • Lavatory-Chemical toilet and supplies in a private compartment.
  • Cushioned Seating & Storage Areas - Cushioned seating for all occupants & storage areas for additional supplies/equipment.
  • Fire Extinguisher - 9 kg fire extinguisher
  • Escape Hatch - Built-in emergency escape hatch.
  • External Location Lights - External location lights & warning siren.



The dimensions of the Strata Refuge Chambers can be customised according to specific customer requirements. A few examples include:

  • Tunneling (reduced width)
  • Low Profile mines (reduced height)
  • Powerless (air-powered and MSHA-approved components)
  • Compact and mobile (small, lightweight, and equipped with wheels)
Long Life Emergency Food & Water


Strata Long Life Water is made in Australia specifically for mining applications. It provides an alternative to normal water which has a limited shelf life.

Natural Australian spring water with added nutrients and formulated to increase the longevity.  With a shelf life of three years plus, Long Life water has a scientifically balanced mineral content and 7.9ph alkaline for health and well-being in an emergency.

Supplied in 600ml packs with a convenient screw cap, Long Life water is easy to store and use.


Emergency food rations designed for use in mine refuge chambers are portion controlled to provide the daily minimum nutrition while conserving natural body fluids. One bar is one meal replacement of 2000 calories. Long Life food is heat sealed in a vapour proof flexible pouch that can be opened by hand.

Packaged in 14 oz (396 gram) packaging with a 6 year storage life.

Download Long Life Emergency Water and Long Life Food brochure