4 to 6 Person Chamber

Small and compact chamber, designed for quick deployment, ease of use and functionality and is virtually maintenance free. 100% compliance with the WA Guidelines.
Primary and back-up operation

The 4 to 6 man chamber provides two levels of safety: a mine air filtration system and a patented powerless toxic gas scrubbing system. In stand-alone mode they can provide in excess of 36 hours of breathable air.

The Strata 4 to 6 man chambers come equipped with 36 hours of low voltage, refrigerated air conditioning

All chambers come standard with fork lift slots, lifting and towing lugs. Strata also offers optional solid rubber wheels for ease of movement throughout the mine.

Australian designed and manufactured

Features and Benefits

Cushioned seating for occupants
Fork lift guides, lifting facility, skid base  and an IT Attachment ( Option )
Storage areas under seats
Standard Size 1800mm x 1800mm x 2200mm
Sizes can be customised to suit your exact requirements
Light weight and totally portable
5mm steel solid construction
Back up battery systems
High quality robust components

Safety Equipment

Back-up breathable air supply
Fire extinguisher
Fully reflective signage for greater visibility
High quality Mine Air Filter System (AS 1715/16)
Refrigerated, low voltage cooling system
Simple to use
Robust construction

Long Life Emergency Water

Strata Long Life Water is made in Australia specifically for mining applications. It provides an alternative to normal water which has a limited shelf life.

Natural Australian spring water with added nutrients and formulated to increase the longevity.  With a shelf life of three years plus, Long Life water has a scientifically balanced mineral content and 7.9ph alkaline for health and well-being in an emergency.

Supplied in 600ml packs with a convenient screw cap, Long Life water is easy to store and use.

Download Long Life Emergency Water and Long Life Food brochure

Long Life Food

Emergency food rations designed for use in mine refuge chambers are portion controlled to provide the daily minimum nutrition while conserving natural body fluids. One bar is one meal replacement of 2000 calories. Long Life food is heat sealed in a vapour proof flexible pouch that can be opened by hand.

Packaged in 14 oz (396 gram) packaging with a 6 year storage life.

Download Long Life Emergency Water and Long Life Food brochure