StrataConnect Communications

Digital voice, high-speed data and completely wireless text communications for underground working environments. Two-way connectivity between personnel underground and between underground and surface.
StrataConnect Communications
Digital data access underground
Digital data-access underground
StrataConnect Wi-Fi network provides high quality digital voice dialing, text messaging and high-speed data access underground. The system is compatible with any standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi enabled device. 
  • VoIP Phones, Smartphones
  • Private, direct calling
  • Push-to-talk


  • Laptops, tablets, Smartphones, PDA's
  • High bandwidth capabilities
  • Access and send digital documents
    • Stream-line operations and minimize down-time
    • Daily performance log & progress reports
    • Annotate actual mine map
    • Equipment maintenance, repair and troubleshooting
    • MSDS sheets
    • Service manuals


Strata offers robust, low-cost VoIP phones as well as ruggedized, IP68 rated Smartphones and tablets for voice, data and camera capabilities



CommTrac Miner Communicator
CommTrac Miner Communicator

StrataConnect CommTrac network provides completely wireless and battery-powered two-way messaging. Canned and free-form messaging for fast communication between personnel underground and between underground and surface operators. Messages received are stored until read, causing no interruption in productivity or work flow. An LED light on the Miner Comm illuminates to alert the user of a new message. 

CommTrac two-way text messaging is fully operational post-accident. The Miner Communicator doubles as a tracking device, enabling surface operators to track and message underground personnel during emergency situations. Rescue teams are able to communicate with underground personnel in the same way during rescue operations.