StrataConnect Tracking

Personnel and asset tracking for underground working environments. The network easily supports up to 1000 devices simultaneously, tracking and visually displaying the locations and direction of travel in real-time
StrataConnect Tracking Tag
StrataConnect Tracking
StrataConnect tracking on sample interface

Unlike zonal tracking such as RFID tags and readers, StrataConnect utilizes multiple communication nodes simultaneously to calculate location and direction of travel.

Individual-worn and machinery installed tracking devices ping all communication nodes within range, transmitting identification and signal strength data. This is then wirelessly transmitted to the surface where the StrataConnect server triangulates positions and displays the location on the graphical user interface. The system is accurate to within 200 feet (60m) throughout the working section.

  • Multi-node architecture provides overlapping coverage and disruption mitigation
  • Surface operators can track and monitor all personnel and machinery in real-time
  • Tracking accurate to within 200ft/60m
Strata Tracking Cap Lamp
Strata Tracking Cap Lamp


Tracking Tag

  • Hard hat or belt worn tracking device
  • Two-way alerts, worker & dispatch
  • Flashing location light
  • Broadcast panic alert


Tracking Cap Lamp

  • Cordless or corded LED cap lamp options
  • Two-way alerts, workers & dispatch
  • Flashing LED notification light
  • MSHA Intrinsically Safe approval pending


Miner Communicator

  • Hand-held tracker device with LED screen
  • Pouch with belt-loop
  • Two-way communication
  • MSHA Intrinsically Safe approved
Asset Tracking


  • Track all mobile equipment underground
  • Eliminate excessive time and money spent locating equipment
  • Monitor production
  • Tracking tag permanently or magnetically mounted onto vehicles
  • Transmits data at pre-set intervals and location accurate pointed to within 200ft/60m
  • MSHA Intrinsically safe approved and low cost, non-IS options available