Barricade Air Skid

The Strata Barricade Air Skid is a protective steel container used to store the Strata Safety CO2 Scrubber System and oxygen cylinders underground. The system provides miners with fresh, breathable air for up to 96 hours.
Barricade Air Skid Underground
Diagram and illustration of a Barricade Air Skid in a Safe Room
Barricade Air Skid in Safe Room
Technical Advancements

The Barricade Air Skid can be placed permanently in a safe room or moved around the mine as the coal face advances. In an emergency, miners locate the skid, barricade themselves and activate the air system.

The system includes high pressure compressed air cylinders for purging the sealed area. Sufficient air is supplied to purge the area three times. Miners monitor the air quality with a gas monitor until it is safe to breathe. The Active carbon dioxide scrubber is then activated along with the oxygen to maintain breathable air for 96 hours.

Technical Advancements of the Strata Barricade Air Skid include:

  • Explosion Resistant Skid - Explosion resistant, steel container used to house and protect entire system. Constructed on a skid base for easier mobility. Highly visible with bright yellow paint and reflective decals.
  • Fresh, Breathable Air Supply System - Provides up to 96 hour air supply from medical grade oxygen and compressed air cylinders.
  • CO 2 Scrubber System - Patent pending Active CO2 Scrubber powered by compressed air removes carbon dioxide using soda lime chemicals.
  • Optional Supplies - Optional supplies available include food, water, first aid, gas monitors, flashlights, flashing location light and a toilet.