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Turning data into Understanding,
and Understanding into Action

Protect. Connect. Support.

We are a leading supplier to the global mining industry. We bring ideas, technology, and decades of expertise to the industry and relentlessly focus on what matters most: a safe and productive working environment.

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Product Offerings

  • Strata

    Underground Connectivity

    Communications, Tracking, Automation, Remote Monitoring and Control, Conveyor Health Monitoring. Strata delivers technologies that enhance and sustain underground connectivity and provide versatile functions within a single network.

  • Strata

    Safety Technologies

    Proximity Detection and Collision Avoidance. Emergency Refuge Chambers. Breathing Air Apparatus. Gas Detection. For decades Strata has been a global leader in mine safety, developing and supplying products, systems and technologies designed for the dedicated purpose of increasing worker safety in the mining environment.

  • Strata

    Construction & Support

    StrataGeotech is centered around the physical strata of the working environment and includes construction, repair, support and problem solving of your excavations. With a variety of technologies and specialty chemicals, Strata is there to support your operations while continuing to promote safety and productivity.



HazardAvert Proximity Detection
& Collision Avoidance


Secondary Roof Support


HazardAvert Proximity Detection


Shotcrete, Liners, Specialty Chemicals


Gas Detection and Atmospheric Monitoring


Communications and Tracking


Emergency Refuge Chambers


HazardAvert Proximity Detection


CSE Safety Products - SCSRs


Turning data into Understanding.
And understanding into Action

We think the most powerful engineering breakthroughs start with a simple question:

What if?

What if you could quickly find the location of all your workers even underground?

What if your material conveyor had eyes and ears along every inch of the belt to detect part failure before it happened?

What if you could have real-time audio and video contact with workers and rescue teams during an incident?

Strata can make it happen.

Our value proposition:

In mining, Strata bridges the gap between surface and underground, between mining locations and between mining continents. Behind every product and cutting-edge system is a company with 30 years of experience and a team of skilled professionals ready to support your goals.