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Strata is a world leader in safety and remote monitoring systems. We deliver innovation, technology, and people, relentlessly focused on what matters most: a safe and productive working environment.

Smart Technologies in your Shipping Ports

Strata understands the complexity of operating a safe, productive environment for workers while accounting for consistent heavy machinery movement and the need for dependable communication.

From proactive accident prevention and predictive equipment maintenance, to reliable and sustained high speed wireless connectivity, Strata offers a collection of powerful and differentiated technologies to enhance your existing operations.

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Product Offerings

  • Strata

    Communication & Monitoring

    Strata is the preferred provider of high-tech systems for fast and reliable communication, predictive maintenance, data transfer and high-speed information access.

  • Strata

    Safety Technologies

    Proximity detection systems fitted onto gantry cranes, straddle carriers, forks lifts and vehicles, work to prevent accidents involving people working around this mobile equipment.

  • Strata

    Construction & Support

    Through partnerships with innovative companies, Strata offers specialty products and chemicals for nuisance and waste water removal.



Proximity Detection & Collision Avoidance


Proximity Detection


Water removal, Shotcrete, Waterproofing, Specialty Resins


Proximity Detection & Collision Avoidance


Conveyor Health Monitoring


Pneumatic Bilge Pumps


Private LTE Cellular Networks


& Remote Monitoring

We think the most powerful engineering breakthroughs start with a simple question:

What if?

What if you could autonomously prevent costly collisions between machines and dangerous interactions between workers and equipment?

What if your operation had its own private LTE cellular network for fast, reliable, consistent coverage?

What if your conveyer in bulk operations had eyes and ears along every inch of the belt to detect part failure before it happened?

Strata has asked and answered these questions.

Our value proposition:

Strata’s advanced safety technology, globally proven in other industries, now provides an opportunity for port operators to position themselves as leaders in technology, innovation, and worker safety. Behind every product and cutting-edge system is a company with 30 years of experience and a team of skilled professionals ready to support your goals.