CO2 Absorbent Curtains

Stratasorb Carbon Dioxide Absorbent Curtains passively absorb harmful CO2 gases from the air in an enclosed area. They do not require electric power to operate. Simply hang them with all sides exposed so the soda lime chemicals can react with the CO2 gases to remove them.
Stratasorb Carbon Dioxide Soda Lime Curtains
Key Features & Benefits

Carbon Dioxide Absorbent Curtains key features and benefits include:

  • Passive CO2 scrubbing for CO2 control in enclosed areas
  • Fast and easy deployment with no tools or electrical power required
  • Begin working immediately
  • Packaged in vacuum sealed foil pouches
  • No settling of contents during storage and handling
  • No protective masks needed during deployment
  • Custom sizes available
  • Tested performance
  • 5-year shelf life (original unopened packaging)