Stoppings, Bulkheads & Ventilation Control for Mining

Stoppings, Bulkheads & Ventilation Control for Mining

Engineered mine structures are constructed to control mine ventilation, seal off abandoned sections of a mine or to close off the main entry to an inactive mine. Strata offers a selection of product options, along with full-service installation and technical support.. 


Bulkheads and Stoppings for ventilation control, slurry containment, emergency refuge rooms and to seal off inactive mines, built with block or EVG-3D panels. These ventilation structures are then coated with gunite or shotcrete to ensure an air-tight, rugged seal and long life. 

Block stopping to seal mine entry

Building overcasts has never been quicker and easier. Strata SP Overcasts are constructed using light-weight EVG-3D panels and high-strength spray-applied gunite. 



The 3D Spray Panel consists of three dimensional welded wire mesh, fitted with an expanded and polystyrene core. The strength and rigidity of the panels result from inner diagonal truss wires welded to both mesh layers on each side.
Strata uses the panels in the construction of the PMR Reinforced Concrete Seal, the Spray-panel Overcasts and certain designs of bulkheads and stoppings.