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Many may know the classic children's toy "Lincoln Logs®." These miniature real-wood logs have notches cut into them to enable them to fit together when constructing model-size log buildings. The notches provide added stability between layers that would not be achieved by simply layering the blocks. Strata’s LINK-N-LOCK roof support system, originally introduced in 1994, has a very similar design for this same reason, and remains one of Strata’s top selling support systems around the world.

The Strata Link-N-Lock is an interlocking timber crib that stacks in layers. Precisely placed notches are cut into the blocks to enable interlocking between layers. This creates a structure that is strong and stable, even at heights far greater than traditional cribs. Link-N-Lock blocks are select species timber which, combined with Strata’s manufacturing processes, guarantees uniform size and predictable performance. They are most commonly used for tailgate support in underground coal mines, but are also very effective as bleeder entry support, seals, and numerous other secondary support applications.

Link-N-Locks are available in lengths 24 to 72 inches (U.S) and 0.8 - 1.5 metres (Australia) and have been installed to heights up to 24 feet (7.3m). The strength of the blocks is directly related to their length, so the longer the blocks used, the stronger the overall crib support. Link-N-Lock has complete contact between the layers, using 100% of the timber's strength capacity, which creates a very timber-efficient support. Significantly less timber is required per system to gain the same support capacity when comparing to traditional nine-point cribs.

Since the Link-N-Lock is made up of individual blocks and assembled on location, materials handling is optimized and mines have the flexibility to configure the support to suit each application. These characteristics translate to significant savings in shipping, productivity, handling and labor. Strata will also bundle and package the product to optimize delivery to the mine and handling underground.

Strata Worldwide was founded on its line of engineered underground roof supports. We continue to offer highly experienced mining engineers who can evaluate your mining conditions and recommend the best systems and strategies to provide the most cost-effective support for your needs. We are also available to assist throughout the installation process.

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