Carbon Dioxide Scrubber Systems

Strata carbon dioxide scrubbers, are active, stand-alone systems designed to remove CO2 and maintain safe breathable air in enclosed areas. They are air-powered or electrical.
coal mining refuge chamber

Strata air-powered active scrubbers have built-in fan systems that actively circulate air through the scrubber and push it out through soda lime chemical cartridges to scrub the CO2. Over time the cartridges need to be exchanged and a change-out schedule, based on the number of occupants, is provided. Strata scrubbers maintain CO2 levels below 10,000 ppm (1%)


SodaSorb™ Cartridges

The Strata ActiveAir Scubber utilizes specially design soda lime cartridges called SodaSorb™ Cartridges. These prevent spillage and eliminate airborne dust particles as the soda lime is used. They are easy to store and easy to handle and the compact packaging prevents “channeling” of the chemicals.

  • Weight: 37lb (17kg) per cartridge
  • Dimensions: 16” x 12” x 6.5”
air powered carbon dioxide scrubber

Strata Air-Powered Scrubbers utilize SodaSorb™ cartridges, compressed air cylinders and compressed oxygen cylinders.

Compressed Air

Air flow from high-pressure compressed-air cylinders drives the built-in fan system to operate the scrubber. Standard supplies operate the scrubber for 96 hours (scalable).


Compressed oxygen cylinders replenish oxygen levels. A flow rate meter controls the flow of oxygen and is set according to the number of occupants. It is imperative to maintain oxygen levels between 19 and 22.5%.


Strata Chambers meet the MSHA Breathable Air, Harmful Gas Removal and Air Monitoring Component requirements as specified in CFR 30 Part 7

oxygen flow rate meter