Emergency Refuge Chambers for Tunneling

Refuge chambers constructed specifically for tunneling applications. Tunneling chambers can be mounted directly onto Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM’s), onto rails or placed within the tunnel while operations are active.
Self-propelled tunneling chamber

Identical to the standard Strata Refuge Chambers in operation, tunneling chambers can be attached to the operation's main air compressor and electrical power sources for indefinite supplies of breathable air and power. The air supply passes through a specialized filtration system that performs a complete cleansing before entering the main chamber. Electrical power operates the chamber lights, siren, carbon dioxide scrubber, atmospheric monitoring system and optional cooling system.

For emergency back-up, and for stand-alone operation, Strata Tunneling Chambers are equipped with 48 hour battery and air supply systems, including an active CO2 scrubber. These systems are scalable to customer specifications.


Self-propelled tunneling chamber
Tunneling Chamber on TBM




Strata offers a stand-alone, rail-mounted tunneling chamber that is uniquely self-propelled. Powered by batteries, the self-propelled chamber can exit the tunnel carrying up to 16 persons in the event of an emergency.

  • Air conditioning with battery-backup
  • Front & rear entrance doors
  • Atmospheric monitoring system
  • Communication ports
  • Front and rear external and internal lighting
  • Standard “mine-type” locomotive controls
  • 48VDC powered rail trucks


Self-propelled tunneling chamber

By utilizing StrataConnect DigitalBRIDGE™, tunneling operations can cost effectively connect their refuge chambers to the main communication backbone and open a lifeline of communication and monitoring resources.

In emergency mode, DigitalBRIDGE’s high-speed digital capabilities can provide live video streaming from onboard cameras, voice communications, personnel tracking and numerous atmospheric monitoring activities from both inside and outside shelters, including:

  • Occupancy
  • Gas Levels (O2, CO2, CO, H2S)
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity  
  • Door “OPEN” Sensor (optional)
  • Remotely Turn Emergency Chamber Lights on during emergency
  • Remotely Turn Emergency Siren on during emergency


Furthermore, daily remote monitoring safeguards the security of the shelters, and helps to ensure that they remain ready for use.



Strata Worldwide Instructional Manuals are provided to customer for educational purposes. These manuals are designed to help ensure greater knowledge and understanding in product purpose, operation and maintenance.

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