Modular Airdoc® for Coal Mining

The Strata Modular AIRDOC Change-Over Station is a transitional station that offers miners a non-toxic environment in which to rest, recover and exchange SCSR units during evacuation of the mine. With the size and storage capacity of up to 200 SCSR units, the Modular Airdoc® has been designed to be assembled underground.
Use and Operation

The Modular Airdoc® is positioned underground in sections and assembled in location. It is virtually maintenance free and can be designed to meet individual customer requirements.

In an emergency, miners enter the Airdoc, remove their SCSR and replace it with a new SCSR from the rack. Upon exiting the unit, the used SCSRs are placed in a disposal bin located next to the exit door.

Modular Airdoc® provides two levels of safety: a mine air filtration system and a patented powerless toxic gas scrubbing system. Used in stand-alone mode, the Modular Airdoc® can provide in excess of 24hrs of breathable air. Stations come standard with fork lift slots, lifting and towing lugs for ease of movement throughout the mine.


Changeover up to 200 self rescuers
Cushioned seating for occupants
Drinking water
Fork lift guides, lifting facility & skid base
QDS or IT attachment
Non powered Scrubber
Storage areas
Custom made racks to suit any self rescuers
Multiple air lock design
Walk through design
Standard size
3800mm x 2133mm x 2133mm
Sizes can be customised

Where safety is success
Back-up breathable air supply
Airlock entry to minimize quantity of contaminants entering the station
Fully reflective signage for greater visibility
High quality Mine Air Filter System (AS1715/16)